Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm 2!

I turned two on June 29th. I'm such a big girl! For my birthday Daddy took me swimming (Mom had to go to clinicals for school, boo) and when Mom got home I got to open my birthday present...I got a princess bike! I immediately had to get my kitties to put on the back so they could take a ride with me. Krew came over to play and we ended up having a water fight! I had a blast spraying Krewser (and myself) with the hose. Then Grandma Kathy & Papa Mike came over to give me some presents. All week Mom had been asking what I wanted for my birthday and every time my answer was "cake." So we ended the day with cupcakes & ice "cweam," my favorite : )

We had my birthday party a few days later at the park. All of my friends and family came, it was a good time! Mom made me a cake which I loved (until Krew stole my fork and I threw a fit)! I decided that the theme this year was "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to..."

Some of my favorite things at this age are:

  • playing with my best buddy/cousin "kwew"
  • going to the park to swing and climb on the swingset
  • telling mom "no, I big girl" when I want to do things on my own
  • every morning when mom asks if I had good dreams telling her, "I dream horsies, neeeyy"
  • pretending to make cupcakes and feeding them to mom & dad
  • hanging out with my auntie, "tori ann"
  • telling everyone, "I two!"
  • watching care bears (I'm still obsessed)
  • swimming and playing in "wah" of any kind
  • following around my big girl cousins: mya, avery, natalie, carley, & lily
  • dancing & doing ballerina twirls