Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beach baby

We went to California the last weekend in June over my birthday. We stayed in Newport Beach but Daddy's family stayed in Laguna Beach so we spent a lot of time there. Daddy's cousin Josh got married on Laguna Beach, it was beautiful. I had lots of fun playing with all my cousins, aunts, uncle, grandmas, grandpas and everyone else! I wasn't too sure about the ocean though, the water was way too cold for me.

outside our hotel

checkin' out the sand on my hand

LOVE my Aunt Tori

Me with Aunt Maddi, Tori, and Grandma Mindi

a walk on the beach with daddy

at the wedding

the whole fam


Jason and Holly said...

Check out that pink swimsuit. I love it!!! Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you for months now...I'd love to get together and have lunch with girls from back in the day...or whoever, I don't care. I know Amanda is in town, what about anyone else? I'd love to catch up now that my life has settled down a bit.

Jen V said...

Kaia is getting SO big. I know I probably say that on every single comment - but it's true! In the pic of her looking at the sand in her hand - she looks a lot like Izzie - they have similar profiles:) You have such a cute little family!
Hope you had fun at the Gallivan Center - and have a drink for me tomorrow on the boat!

Summer Jackson said...

That last pic is beautiful! Remind me again why we live in Utah? Lets move to the beach!