Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom & Me day at the zoo

My friend Noah & his parents came to town last week so we went to the zoo with them (and Auntie Beth & Krewser) on Saturday. It was Mom & Me day at the zoo so they had all sorts of fun activities going on. I liked the bears and zebras the best but Mom & Dad said I would fit right in with the monkeys!

I got really excited when dad got a corn dog. I couldn't get enough of it!

Unfortunately I didn't get any pics with Dad since he was the photographer. Thanks for taking all the cute photos Daddy!


Janetha said...

awe i love the photos! and are those matching shirts?! killer dudettes!

Krew Zachary Eckman said...

So cute! Love my Kaia bear:) The corn dog one is classic. Noah was cute with Krew's ball. Our first trip to the zoo with our monkeys..I haven't downloaded my pics yet

Sheena Cody and Taylor said...

How fun! looks like you had a blast. Kaia is getting soo big and cuter with every picture i see

Jen V said...

Allie - you are the sweetest! I emailed Mindi last week (or 2) this: "I got an email from Allie this morning, thanking me for including her (and Kaia) in Pete and Carla’s book. She was very complimentary and grateful to be a part of the book and the family! What a sweetie! You have an amazing (future) daughter-in-law"

You are the bomb. I totally love you - you are so beautiful, sincere and sweet and are such a good wife and Mama. It's been so fun keeping in touch with FB and blogging! XOXO

Joel and Carrie said...

hi miss allie, i just noticed your blog, i'm going to add it to mine. mine is private but if you send me your email i'll add you to the crew,
-carrie cook pace