Monday, February 16, 2009

Favorite Things

My new favorite thing to do is give kisses. I just love giving kisses to Daddy, Mommy, Krewser, my stuffed animals, & of course myself in the mirror : ) Most of the time they are big, open mouth slobbery kisses! Aunt Summer got a cute video of me giving kisses to the mirror but the format was weird and Mom couldn't upload it. Bummer.

Another one of my favorite things is Kitters. I LOVE her. Everytime I see her I oooh & aaah and try to get her. For some reason she doesn't like it when I pull her fur. She better watch out once I start crawling!

I like to try to feed myself. Unfortunately most of the food goes on my face, in my hair, on my clothes...pretty much everywhere but my mouth.

I have a new fascination with Mom's beanies. So colorful and soft!


Summer Jackson said...

So cute! She is so big she will be fitting in the beanies soon! hehe....Sorry about the dang format, at least we can watch it on a dvd :)

Brian and Stephanie Wood said...

Very Very sweet! I love when babies first learn to kiss. It's hilarious..

lindsay said...

she is so adorable!! love that one of her and kitters!!